Monday, March 16, 2009

Intruducing Kate Marie Smith

So Our little love bug baby Kate arrived February 25Th which was three and a half weeks early. She was due March 22ND but decided she just couldn't wait. My water broke at about 2:30a.m. the morning that we were supposed to leave for Ceder City for the 2A state playoffs. She must of known how bad i was dreading the trip being 9 months pregnant and all. She was breach so guess what that meant, yep you guessed it C-section! Wow defiantly a lot harder recovery than a normal delivery but, we are doing well Kate's lungs were developed and everything was grate. She is a mini Jake and we are so grateful to have her sweet little spirit in our home.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jake loves the computer lately, anytime we are on it he has to be part of the action

Jake shaving just like daddy

Jakes first nap in the big boy bed

Four weeks and counting!!!

So its been a while so I thought I would update you on whats going on at the Smiths house. First and for most I have about 4 weeks left of the pregnancy and I can hardly stand it anymore. I really shouldn't complain because this pregnancy was a heck of a lot easier than it was with Jake but you all know how it is at the end. I have a hole lot of not sleeping, peeing, aching, leg cramps and I am so sick of feeling like I am camping on the hard ground every night (oh how my sides hurt) oh yeah, and the heart burn. Any way its almost over. So we are all looking forward to that I think even Jake is getting excited. He for some reason love to play in her room. Anyway Jake is now sleeping in a Big Boy Bed. I was so worried about how he would do and he loves it, anytime somebody stops by the house he has to show him his big boy bed so it went a lot smother than I thought it would. Also it is the middle of February which means basketball season is almost over and I will actually have a husband again. I think I have actually gotten pretty used to it by now but when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I cant help but be a little excited to get our life back for a while. Anyway that's all that is going on I will update you when the baby gets here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We had a great Christmas, Jake really made it fun for us this year. He is starting to understand a little bit about Santa and was very excited, every morning sense Christmas he wakes up and his first question for us is did Santa come bring toys? its kinda funny. Now that Christmas is over we are back to reality which is basketball,basketball and more basketball and then the baby comes so im sure we will stay buisy until then.